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The Human Universe

The Universe is a limitless circle with a limitless radius.
The Universe is an infinite gathering of infinitely small particles.
The Universe is constantly moving and changing.

Master Koichi Tohei

These are the fundamental principles of the Universe that we live in.  They characterize and govern all objects from the planets to peanuts, all human relationships, and all of man’s endeavors from simple movements to complex undertakings.  In Aikido, we study these principles to better live in harmony and rhythm with these natural conditions.

Whether you are a seven or eight year old youngster, a seventy or eighty year old senior, or somewhere in between, the principles that define the human experience are the same.  These principles are not only a phenomenon or condition of the physical universe, but arise from, and truly reflect, the authentic state of our Original Mind.  And this is not something either exotic, religious, or even particularly spiritual, but merely the way of becoming a real human being.

Christopher Curtis


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